April 25-26, 2018 Helsinki



The program is built to deliver the latest knowledge on the digital finance business models, technologies and regulation, and to bridge the gap between different stakeholders.

Industry Arena

Keynote speeches and fireside chats – the brightest minds in the industry tackling the toughest questions in fintech and insurtech.


Morning – Future of Banking

8.30 Doors Open

9.30 Banking in Future, Mobile and Borderless – Or What?
– Big & old versus small & young – what really matters?
– Same but different – How to attract customers?
– Critical success factors – Who will win and why?

Jussi Mekkonen, CEO at Ferratum Bank

9.50 Why are Ostrich tactics the wrong approach for banks?
– How banks approach regulatory compliance (eg. PSD2) differently and its consequences?
– Architecture for the open and programmable bank of the future
Manfred Bortenschlager, Director, Business Development for Agile Integration and API-based Integration Solutions, Red Hat

10.15 Networking Break

10.45 The Retail Banking Market Unlocked
– Creating outstanding customer experiences in the era of open banking
– Driving transparency through aggregation: offering better services to their customers
– Delivering frictionless customer journeys: opportunities in automation and personalization
Daniel Kjellén, CEO & Founder at Tink

11.10 Getting Disrupted – Suddenly or Gradually
– How will financial services industry look like in the future in terms of competition and profitability?
– Do customers still want local banking services or will the market be dominated by global players?
Petri Nikkilä, Head of Personal Banking at Nordea Finland

11.30 Next Step In Banking: Automated Mortgage Loan
Panel discussion on the future of mortgage loans. How does the future look in terms of standards, technology and regulation?
Tom Miller, CEO at Nordea Mortgage Bank
Heikki Ylipekkala, Director at Suomen Asiakastieto
Ari Pauna, CEO at Mortgage Society of Finland
Jarkko Forsberg, CEO at LVS Brokers
Mikko Nikkanen,  Chairman of the Board at Skadi
Moderated by Satu Pulkkinen, Managing Director, Financial Services at Accenture

Afternoon – Trends and Technologies

14.00 Realistic Use Cases for Blockchain in the Financial Sector
 A look at how financial institutions can benefit from blockchain and distributed ledger technology today
 Lessons learned from building blockchain solutions together with financial institutions and government officials
Sami Honkonen, CEO & Founder at Tomorrow Labs

14.25 Applying Machine Learning in Financial Services
Peter Sarlin, Co-Founder at Silo.AI

14.50 Democratizing AI With the Fintech Industry
Why financial organizations have been limited to innovate on behalf of their customers for many years
 Why cloud is the new normal for all fintech startups
 Enable financial services companies to get started with AI
Fredrik Eriksson, Fintech Lead – Nordics & Baltics at Amazon Web Services

15.10 Networking Break

15.40 Alternative Investing – Opportunities or Traps?
 Is financial innovation good for the society?
 Peer-to-Peer lending vs traditional banking
 Some recent headwinds
Vesa Puttonen, Professor at Aalto University

16.05 TOP5 learnings – How to Find and Utilize Best European Growth Companies
 Lessons learned based on real data from over 100 000 tech companies
Paavo Beckman, CEO & Founder at Startup Catapult

16.30 Building Valuable Bank and Fintech Partnerships
Arunan Tharmarajah, Banking Lead – Europe at TransferWise

Evening – Networking Party

17.00 – 19.00 Networking with industry pioneers

Morning – Future of Insurance

8.30 Doors Open

9.30 Megatrends Challenging the Industry
– Industry change drivers
– Raising the bar with #insurtech
Mikko Helin, Insurance Industry Leader at Deloitte

9.45 Your future is InsurTech: Defining the Insurer’s business model
There is a lot of collaboration activities underway between insurers and startups, and startups and investors.
However, the majority of current innovation activities still remain very much around delivering near-term operational efficiency benefits. Opportunity for growth has to be transformative though. This session will take you an innovation journey and share with you a strategic framework to get you to achieve your core strategic outcomes.
Sabine VanderLinden, CEO Startupbootcamp InsurTech

10.15 Networking Break

10.45 From Claims to Prevention and Services – How and With Who?
Taking a new role as a service company preventing risks
Blurring the industry boundaries to create an effective ecosystem
The power of B2B data and partnerships to generate more value
How to implement it all in a digital way?
Pekka Puustinen, CCO at Ilmarinen

11.10 Tomorrow’s Insurance is Smart, Digital and On-Demand?
Panel discussion on the following topics:
– How to meet the new needs of your customer?
– Making insurance fair, transparent and affordable
– Streamlining processes from back-end to front-end?
Erkka Jalonen, CFO at Finnish P&C Insurance
Rune Brunborg, Founder at Tribe Insurance
Petri Vuorinen, CDO at LocalTapiola
Moderated by Mikko Helin, Insurance Industry Leader at Deloitte

11.40 Mobility as a Service – Impact to Insurance
Sonja Heikkilä, Program Director, Mobility Services at OP Financial Group

Afternoon – Data Fueling the Industry

14.00 Building a Modern Day Insurance Company
– How to build an insurance company in 2018 utilizing sharing economy and blockchain?
Hannu Valkonen, CEO & Founder at

14.20 Doing More With Less – Trends in Automated Claims Handling
Meeri Rebane, Co-Founder at INZMO

14.40 Are Big Data and Privacy Enemies?
– What are the challenges with smart and data-driven services?
– How to be GDPR compliant in the rapidly changing environment?
Iiris Kivikari, Senior Associate at Dittmar & Indrenius

15.00 Networking Break

15.30 Asset Management gets techy – evolution or revolution?
– Asset management megatrends and how they impact on the business
– Development in past 10 years
– Who will survive in the changing environment?
– Technological focus areas
– What will the future bring with it?
Markku Kotisalo, Managing Director at Nordea Investment Management

15.50 Robo-Advisory is Here to Stay
Antti Törmänen, CEO & Co-Founder at Evervest

16.10 Streamlining compliance through an Asset Management Platform
Hannes Helenius, Chairman at FA Solutions

16.30 Closing Words and Wrap Up


Tech Arena

The hottest Nordic FinTech startups, the latest tech and the industry leaders showcased in one Expo.
Get to know the players in your market, exhibit your innovations and hear all about the latest FinTech solutions on the Tech Stage.

10.20-10.30 Welcome to Finance Tech Arena
Ola Sundell, CEO at HUB13

10.30-10.40 The growing Fintech sector in Finland
Nina Rudanko, Executive Director at Fintech Finland Association

12.20-12.40 Open Banking Innovation for Retail Deposits
– Retail deposit market in Europe – 10 trillion euros market with limited innovation in the past
– Win-win-win for banks, savers and economy – how to leverage existing banking retail infrastructure for cross-border retail deposits?
– Future outlook for Nordic deposit market – what to expect during upcoming years?
Matti Lannetta, Director, Nordics and Baltics at Deposit Solutions

12.40-13.00 Don’t Suck. Innovate!
– How to do hands-on actual innovation in your everyday working life?
– When and why a top-down or bottom-up approach is more suitable?
– If you’re not Google, you need to know how to build superior software with fewer resources. We don’t have a silver bullet, but we’ll give you a fighting chance.
Erik Bennerhult, CTO at Näktergal Financial Technology

13.00.-13.15 Automated regulatory compliance: the right way to leverage distributed ledgers
András Vajda, CEO & Co-Founder at iconicchain

13.15-13.35 Cryptocurrency startups – Challenges in the current regulatory framework
Sampo Hyvärinen, COO at Prasos

13.35.-13.55 How to do an excellent ICO in a compliant way
Anu Honkalinna, CFO at Nestholma

15.20-15.35 Redefining Equity Research in the Digital Age
Mikael Rautanen, CEO & Co-Founder at Inderes

10.25-10.40 Pulverizing consumer risks the Fair Way – not insurance but a payment service
Johannes Hirvaskoski, CEO & Founder at Fair Crowdsurance

12.20-12.35 Customer Service Excellence in Insurance
Amandeep Midha, Founder at FinBot Platform

12.35-12.50 Procurement, Supplier & Contract Management in Digital Era
Ilona Ylinampa, Sales Director at Cloudia

12.50-13.10 Tribe is a Facebook for insurance
Rune Brunborg, Founder at Tribe Insurance

13.10-13.30 Power Cloud ECO – digitalize new business in a fraction of time and money
Petteri Vahla, CEO at eKeiretsu

13.30-13.50 Using blockchain to transform health insurance
– Use-cases and lessons learned
Angel Versetti, CEO at Ambrosus

15.05-15.15 Insurance Simplified
Christer Braaf, CEO & Co-Founder at Insurance Simplified

15.15-15.25 Bringing Treasury Management into the 21st Century
Lars Nevalainen, CEO & Founder at ZenTreasury


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