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22.10. Nordic Digital Finance Forum

23.10. Core & Cloud Banking Day


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22.10. Nordic Digital Finance Forum

23.10. Core & Cloud Banking Day


How are banking and financial services evolving in the Nordics?

Future Digital Finance Forum is not just an event, but an industry-wide platform connecting the key people from financial institutions, fintech companies and authorities to discuss current topics.

Future Digital Finance Forum is designed to deliver the most recent intel, but also provide networking opportunities through roundtable discussions and a networking platform.

We bring together the top executives, entrepreneurs, and experts around digital finance and fintech. Check out our previous visitors.

The event consists of:
– Nordic Digital Finance Forum on 22.10. where the Nordic bankers and fintech entrepreneurs meet

– Networking evening with the annual Fintech of the Year ceremony

– Core & Cloud Banking Day on 23.10. which puts the technology back in financial technology


  • Nordics as a common region – Does it mean more competition or collaboration?
  • Real-time, borderless and virtual currency payments – Handled by who?
  • Collaboration models in practice – Not just theory
  • Experiences of acquiring and utilizing emerging technologies
  • Renewing core banking system – All at once or piece by piece
  • Strategies to stay competitive in the development
  • Cloud vs. Standalone vs. Regulation

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    Future Digital Finance Forum brings together the most important and interesting companies in the finance industry.

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    Why Attend?

    • Everyone under the same roof: Our event has been praised for connecting top decision-makers throughout the entire ecosystem. With a program built to support networking, you will both learn and network with all the pioneers in the industry, also with the keynote speakers.
    • Most current themes: The program is built based on careful research and it consists of keynotes and discussions that cover the most important topics in the future of banking.

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    Bridging the gap between startups, banks and regulators.
    Fintech Farm is the fintech hub of Helsinki operated by HUB13. Our mission is to provide the Finnish finance industry an international platform for innovation, by bringing together financial institutions, fintech companies, regulators, service providers and fintech investors.

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